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Tagged: 8 Facts, Jin Akihito Hamada

Mon Aug 8, 2016, 10:19 PM

I'm so sorry for the late reply Rie ;;u;; obviously I was tagged by :iconrieng-bearer: for Jin, trying to see if I missed any Tags ///n////

1. Jin was actually the first and only son for Hiro and Erica but recently I made another and made Tsume the oldest of the seven kids. Jin is the fourth child; second son and only boy out of the triplets, which make up Jin, Roxanne and Morgan.

2. Once designed to be 5'5, Jin's height will be changed to 5'9, this is due to him hitting his growth spurt. He has fun picking up his two big sisters, Nichole and Gwen and teasing them, since he's their 'little brother.

3. Gwen and Tsume, is verrrrry flirtatious to those they find attractive. The difference is Tsume and Gwen only direct their affections towards one person. Tsume= :iconrieng-bearer: Laura no Ginger, Gwen= :iconvoodookandy: Kaiju. Jin has always been a ladies man XD flirting with different girls at his school; Until his Aunt Urpi :iconshenbug: introduced him to a beautiful ice skater, Owlet. He's been trying to go out with her since then ;)

4. Jin seems to be attracted more towards girls with dark eyes. This is because how society views brown eyes as 'ordinary' 'common' or 'boring' but Jin finds them very beautiful //u// so when he saw Owlet, he knew the girl he wanted to pursue. Her personality is what hooked him in...all the girls he flirted with fell for him, so when Owlet didn't...hee hee :eyes: ^U^

5. Jin never crushed or desired to date anyone from the Team's kids. Growing up he pretty much viewed them as 'brothers' and 'sisters'

6. Ever since he was a small child, he never liked having his hair cut and would cry when Erica would try. With the exception of trims, Jin has always kept his hair long. Both he and Tsume have long hair for guys :heart::love:

7. Jin and Tsume are the only ones to have light eyes. Jin is green and Tsume's hazel. I did this on purpose, I wanted all the daughters to have dark eyes, since light eyes is a recessive genetic...I wanted the boys to have the trait. Hiro is the carrier for green eyes but since his eyes are brown the percentage of the gene is very low; adding the fact that Erica has brown eyes and carriers zero genetics for light eyes. 

8. Jin has always been a calm and relaxed person but there is a moment that all his siblings remember. One of his sisters was stood up by their 'date' the guy actually went to the dance with a different girl. Jin was there with his date and saw that his sister wasn't the one walking with the boy, but someone else. Jin is very protective over his sisters since then. He vows never to let someone hurt them the way that person did. But justice didn't go unnoticed.

'He broke my sister's, I broke his face.'
Next to Tsume, Jin is very strong...and when angered his strength can rival his older brother. 

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Well DA kind of made that obvious, but my name is Jessica. I prefer that you refer to my DA username 'BerrieBlosym' instead, unless we've known each other for a while. I won't get mad, I just find that a bit personal XD

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Just like everyone else. To create and share art. I like to draw out of hobby, I have no desire to make a career out of it. So for me, improving is only half the fun. I've met some of the most amazing artists on this site back in 2007 and that encouraged me to one day make my own account.

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*enters sarcasm*

Let me get this want me to work my butt off for a stranger, some DA user I know nothing about, and get nothing in return?

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Of course! :heart:

I only draw GA for those I've known for years. Not days. Not weeks. Not even months. Years. The people I strictly draw GA's for are people I've known for either three or four years.

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Yep. For a long time :D

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If You Could Dye Your Hair any Color, what would it be? (yeah I asked this years ago lol) 

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